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Wood Flow

We're In This For Maximum Wood Flow Income.

American Forest Management’s Wood Flow team was formed to service the needs of our private landowners and timberland management organizations in navigating the intricacies of fiber supply agreements.

Fiber supply agreements between wood/paper mills and timber sellers arose as the forest products industry began selling off its land base. For the sellers, the agreements provide a guaranteed market for some of their harvested timber. For buyers, they provide a supply of wood to their mills.

Additionally, our Wood Flow team gives our landowners access to quality loggers and established wood markets.

Wood Flow Services include:

  • Market analysis
  • Coordinating the flow of wood to the best markets
  • Merchandizing timber into higher value products
  • Matching wood orders with suppliers
  • Allocating wood orders to minimize freight costs and maximize net returns to the landowner
  • Tracking deliveries to provide timber sale security
  • Negotiating cut and haul rates with loggers and delivering log sales with buyers and administering payment of loggers for the landowner
  • Log yard management
  • Implement timber sale security systems
  • Wood settlement system for reconciliation of payments to landowners and loggers
  • Review and reconcile scale tickets, load sheets and mill settlements


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