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Technical Services

We Have The Right Tools To Help You.

As it is with any business, having the right tools make all the difference. To offer you the most accurate and effective service, we are committed to our continued investment in our team of highly-skilled technical professionals and state-of-the-art services. These technical services include:

GIS & Mapping

At American Forest Management, the first phase of any technical services project is to make sure that our clients’ assets are properly defined. With this in mind, Geographic Information System (GIS) and mapping can be used to effectively assess the resources and deliver solutions for a myriad of client requests. GIS services may include but are not limited to spatial analyses, a variety of pre-defined or customized geo-enabled maps, and entire GIS systems.

Data Management

Quality and timely data management is essential for our clients, large or small, to maintain an up-to-date record of their assets as well as meet certain reporting requirements. Our data management team utilizes internal or third-party software to provide our clients with a customized database solution that accomplishes all of their objectives.

Biometric Services

A great timber inventory is never really finished. Trees grow and forest markets change, requiring your timber inventory to also be dynamic. American Forest Management has several biometricians on staff dedicated to providing inventory analysis as well as growth and merchandizing solutions. We also leverage membership in multiple research cooperatives, local expertise, and our experience with a diverse client base to provide customized solutions for clients large and small.

Resource Planning & Analysis

Forest resource planning is a critical component of land management and a complex art that requires attention to detail as well as an understanding of the asset, operations, markets, and sustainability.

American Forest Management utilizes Remsoft Spatial Planning System’s suite of tools to formulate and solve the complexities of the forest resource. Remsoft is a global leader in land-use planning solutions and provides an array of tools for strategic, tactical, and operational planning. Remsoft’s technology, paired with American Forest Management’s unique capabilities in biometrics, planning experience, and regional on-the-ground expertise makes a powerful combination for forest resource planning services.

Applications & Solutions

While we have a unique depth of expertise in land management, we choose to rely on external specialists to provide solutions and guidance in some specific areas. We have diligently sought and found the finest partners to expand the expertise we make available to you. Here are some of the systems that we have built, and some of the organizations that we work with that enable American Forest Management to be leaders in land management technology:

  • GeoFORS is our desktop GIS application built for foresters, by foresters.
  • AFMlease is a Lease Management Application built exclusively for American Forest Management to manage over 1,600 recreational and agricultural lease agreements.
  • New Data Management Application - Coming Soon!
  • Remsoft planning solutions benefit businesses by making the extraordinarily complex world of sustainable resource management simple, predictable and profitable.


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