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Environmental & Ecological Management Services

We're In This For The Preservation Of Natural Resources.

Given our profession and deep passion for the land, we naturally have a vested interest in ecological and environmental management. Our presence in offices throughout the United States uniquely qualifies us to understand the environmental and ecological issues, nuances and differences by region.

Our Environmental and Ecological Management teams provide a variety of services designed to:

  • Assess the environmental and economic values of natural resource assets.
  • Work within the regulatory framework of federal, state and local government agencies.
  • Provide an integrated approach to all aspects of natural resource management through collaboration with our other specialized land management operations.

Environmental Services

  • Compliance surveys for Best Management Practices (BMPs)
  • Verification of non-controlled wood supply (e.g., chain of custody) certification
  • Implementation of forestry-based environmental management systems (i.e., ATFS, FSC®, ISO, SFI®)
  • Planning for individual and group certification under ATFS, FSC® Certified Resource Manager and SFI®
  • American Forest Management's Sustainable Forestry Policies for the Pacific Northwest's SFI® Group Certificate may be found here.
  • Timely information concerning environmental commodities (e.g., biodiversity, carbon credits, endangered species, unique ecosystems and wetland mitigation banks)

Ecological Services

For our clients who need assistance regarding the endangered species act, wetland regulations or other federal, state or local regulations we offer:

  • Biological assessments
  • Environmental assessments
  • Environmental impact statements
  • Conservation and habitat management plans


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