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We're In This For Quality Forest Inventories.

At American Forest Management, we are certain that the quality of a forest inventory is as or more important as the quantity of data collected. The depth and technical knowledge of our organization allow us to provide that quality.

Quality inventories are accomplished through a balance of art and science. We begin our inventory services projects like we do all of our land management services—we listen first and provide a custom solution. Here are just some of the reasons our clients use our Inventory Services Group:

  • Our Staff: We employ a group of specialists devoted solely to designing, conducting and analyzing timber inventories. This group includes full-time mensurationists, biometricians, inventory and GIS analysts and over 150 foresters and technicians. This depth of resources allows us to be responsive to the needs of a wide range of clients.
  • Our State-of-the-Art Technology: Our Inventory Services Groups utilizes an array of inventory software to collect and summarize cruise data.
  • Our Regional Expertise: Given our presence across the country, we are uniquely qualified to bring region-specific knowledge of a diversity of forest types.


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Need a quality inventory of your forest assets? We’re here for you.

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