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Land Management

We're In This To Customize Solutions For You.

Landowners are as diverse as their individual holdings. To serve the greatest spectrum of needs, we offer a comprehensive suite of land management services. The American Forest Management team consults with private landowners, investment management organizations, trusts, conservation groups and more.

With local offices across the United States, we’re equipped to customize solutions to meet the unique, indigenous circumstances of your property while leveraging the strength and resources of a national company.

How We Can Help

Overall, the journey to long-term land utilization and enjoyment begins with a complete land management plan crafted specifically for you and your land. As a first step, our experts listen to you to ensure we have a thorough understanding of your goals in the short and long terms. If you’re unsure, we’ll evaluate your property to advise you of the highest and best use of your land’s assets. We’ve found that the best plans anticipate years of future use and should be reviewed and updated regularly to meet changing goals and property conditions.

Whether for personal enjoyment and recreation, natural resource harvesting, investment or other purposes, we’ll help you set goals and priorities for your land and advise you of the activities and services necessary to achieve them.

Throughout this process, we’re proud to offer our clients access to some of the most experienced, caring and talented professionals in the industry, as well as state-of-the art technology.


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